Winterslow II v Wherwell II (away, 14/05/2016)

Wherwell II’s skip Cray Sams won the toss and skipped C Sams decided to bowl.

Rob Gladwyn opened the bowling with a wicket maiden giving Wherwell II a good start. The pitch was a difficult one for Winterslow II’s openers to gain momentum as Wherwell kept the fielding tight and with tactical rollers and bouncers, but the bowling extras relieved some of the pressure. New comer Rob White came onto bowl breaking the developing partnership of Winterslow II’s and created a good opportunity to regain the match at 98 for 2 off 20. R White went on to take three more wickets with a spell of 55 for 4 off 10. Giles Elwes and Lenny Russell enabled Wherwell to close the innings at 24 for 2 off 10 and 11 for 2 off 4 leaving them to chase 172 to win.

Winterslow II’s put Wherwell II on the back foot on the third over by losing Mike Buckett for just 1, however it was Wherwell II’s skip C Sams, R White and G Elwes collective contributed a great knock to secure Wherwell II’s victory. G Elwes was bowled for 20, C Sams was bowled for 49 and R White finished not out on 77. Wherwell successfully chased 172 in 34.1 overs.

KJM sponsored Wherwell I & II’s have had an excellent start to the season for wins all around so far this season.