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Batting 2019

Last modified 2019-07-15 16:48:14

Matt Cutts3489249.71
Robbie Skeates3109034.44
Alex Gladwyn2898357.80
Ollie Emslie2679453.40
Mike Cutts1025125.50
Sam Holloway533017.67
Nathan Young486212.00
Craig Beckingham41805.13
Harry Trebert36507.20
Steve Turner124312.00
Adam Cook113211.00
Jordan Trebert6511.50
Robbie Gladwyn2102.00
Edwin John2300.67
John Foster1101.00
Damo Hack0000.00

Bowling 2019

Last modified 2019-07-15 16:47:55

Ollie Emslie70.5182311912.163.28
Harry Trebert82172821716.593.44
Steve Turner51.352111514.074.11
Nathan Young55121751115.913.18
Mike Cutts34.3797910.782.83
Robbie Skeates14.4253317.673.68
Alex Gladwyn17269323.004.06
Matt Cutts16377325.674.81
Robbie Gladwyn30924.503.00
John Foster3028009.33
Ed John20250012.50


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