Averages 2017

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Batting averages 2017

PlayerRunsNumber of inningsNumber of not outsAverage
Stuart Taylor74913374.9
Robbie Skeates35912132.64
Craig Beckingham20012016.67
Alex Gladwyn1689328
Nathan Young1499118.63
Ollie Emslie999112.38
Matt Guilfoyle778315.4
John Foster705014
Ed John644232
Harry Trebert38705.43
Rory Chetwyn-Talbot312015.5
Brandon Smith241024
Jordan Trebert17734.25
Giles Elwes173217
Nigel Horne174317
Peter Greenbanks6106
Rhys Robinson4104
Adam Cook0000
Ryan Young0000
Mark Pettman0000

Bowling averages 2017

Stuart Taylor1242637729133.04
Nathan Young99.4152922412.172.94
Ollie Emslie99133412314.73.41
Matt Guilfoyle58.3131911117.373.28
Harry Trebert61.272471024.74.04
Alex Gladwyn141753255.36
John Foster13174237.55.77
Robbie Skeates9139219.54.33
Mark Pettman60381386.33
Adam Cook2015007.5
Brandon Smith000000
Craig Beckingham000000
Ed John206003
Giles Elwes000000
Jordan Trebert000000
Nigel Horne000000
Peter Greenbanks000000
Rhys Robinson000000
Rory Chetwyn-Talbot18737002.06
Ryan Young6227004.5