Averages 2014 – 2nd XI

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Bowling averages

Player nameOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEconomy
Robbie Gladwyn5732591319.924.54
Nick Baughen472266466.505.66
Mick Ling4642082104.004.52
Rob Weeks2011221122.006.10
B Tasker515256464.005.02
Giles Elwes27065610.832.41
Mark Pembury1.10100n/a9.09
B Connor10220n/a22.00
Russell Ingram13.423047.502.24
Cray Sams14.1367233.504.75
Charlie Ingram7132132.004.57
S Strickland90510n/a5.67
Ed John502746.755.40
D Collins12.501041104.008.32
H Right10160n/a16.00
Harry Trebert15.2057157.003.75
Adam Cook6043143.007.17
M Buckett31818.002.67
M Hayden721343.251.86

Batting averages

Player nameGames playedNumber of outsNumber of not outsRunsAverage
M Hayden1101010.00
Charlie Ingram22015376.50
Steve Bonser87113118.71
M Buckett2202311.50
Giles Elwes32111758.50
C Ben10000.00
Russell Ingram2112626.00
Chris Buckett65030.60
Robbie Gladwyn94282.00
Mick Ling97221330.43
Jordan Trebert87114821.14
Mark Pembury21188.00
J Williams660294.83
B Connor541133.25
B Tasker971243.43
L Newman-Judd11033.00
A Barnes11066.00
Rob Weeks5404110.25
Nick Baughen871355.00
Luke Trebert1101818.00
M Hargrove42184.00
S Strickland541297.25
Cray Sams43118361.00
D Collins54110.25
Ed John11000.00
H Right11000.00
Harry Trebert3304214.00
Adam Cook11044.00